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The pandemic forced us to adapt, but the bigger question at play right now is “could this be an opportunity to evolve?"

Many businesses are considering a permanent change to working environments. These decisions will impact our customers, our service levels and our business performance. Are they the right decisions?

This event will help you make informed decisions about the future. It is an opportunity to explore real remote working and strategies to implement it properly, rather than continue with the 'emergency remote' we have adopted due to the pandemic.

Whether your future or the future of your company is remote, hybrid, or you’re returning to the office....we’re not returning to the old normal and this event will help you get ready for that.

The Ei Evolution Summit+ is a first. It’s the first and only event bringing wellbeing, customer, employee and remote work together. It’s the first time you’ll see world renowned scientists join practitioners and thought leaders in a debate about how we and where we work, how we relate to colleagues and how we create experiences for customers and employees that really matter.

So what? The way we work and how we relate to others has been forever changed due to the pandemic. As the world continues to adjust to a new way of life we are presented with some choices: Where will we work, how will we work, how will we remain relevant and how will we create meaningful connections with others? The pandemic forced us to adapt, but the bigger question at play right now is could this be an opportunity to evolve.

Since 10th May we have been gathering incredible content in our Summit Library and the July Programme includes some phenomenal speakers. All of the speakers will help you make the right decisions about where and how you work in the future, the steps you could take to create meaningful work(places) for your employees and emotional connections with your customers. Contributors will also help you take informed steps to improve your health and wellbeing. You can catch these sessions live on Linkedin or you can watch them at your leisure in our Summit Library (our Netflix style treasure trove) as you’ll have unlimited access to these plus dozens of other content when you buy a ticket to the Ei Evolution Summit+. We will release the programme for August, September and the first week of October soon!

Download the Programme here.  If you are interested in group bookings please contact


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