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Ei Evolution Summit+ Partners


We are incredibly proud to have partnered with MyCustomer, Customer Experience Magazine (CXM), the Employee Experience Magazine, Goleman EI and StoryTagger for this groundbreaking Summit. 

When we set out to put this ambitious plan together, partners like MyCustomer, Customer Experience Magazine (CXM), the Employee Experience Magazine, Goleman EI and StoryTagger were the kind of partners we dreamt of working with. All are unbelievably passionate about the communities they serve and add value to our personal and professional lives at every opportunity. 

If you have a product or service you think would benefit the outstanding community of 500+ forward-thinking professionals with Heads of, Practitioners, Managers and senior leaders within the disciplines of Customer Service, Customer Experience, Customer Success, Contact Centre, Business Strategy, Operations, Human Resources, Learning and Development, Insights, Marketing and Sales, Data Insights and Education find out how you can become a partner.

Email for more information.  If you would like to talk to us about group bookings for the Summit or what is included in our exclusive sponsorship packages, please contact

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We believe in helping organisations deliver better engagement and experiences across the entire customer journey.
  • MyCustomer is the only destination that provides guidance on engaging and serving customers across their entire journey – from path to purchase and beyond. We provide access to key decision makers across marketing, sales, customer service and IT roles. 

    We offer credible engagement of senior professionals and influencers from across industry via our leading content and social reach. Core themes include data-driven marketing and customer experience management. Marketing managers and C-level directors make up nearly half of the total readership. 

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StoryTagger is the smartest, most authentic way to crowdsource knowledge, stories and experiences from your people.
  • StoryTagger

    Teams are embracing new tech and consumer behaviours to help people share their best knowledge, stories and experiences. A live video tool like Zoom only solves part of this puzzle. While people now feel more comfortable seeing themselves on-screen, it’s not the ideal format for every shared work experience.

    With StoryTagger, you are guided to unlock and share your most valuable knowledge and experiences in short, value-led videos. Democratising the benefits of video storytelling, it’s designed to help anyone reflect, capture and share their workplace stories and good practice.

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Inform. Inspire. Include.
A free way to improve your business.
  • CXM

    Customer Experience Magazine is the online magazine packed full of industry news, blogs, features, reports, case studies, video bites and international stories all focusing on customer experience.

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Beyond Ei

We believe Emotional Intelligence is the foundation for a better world. Our clients agree.
  • Beyond Ei

    We Provide Customized Tools and Learning Programs for a Full Range of Clients. Learn More About Out Our One-on-One EI Coaching, Online Courses, and Certification Programs.

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Employee Experience Magazine

Employee Experience Matters.
  • Employee Experience Magazine

    That’s why we thought there should be a magazine about it.
    We’ve gathered a team of EX and HR professionals, journalists and started the magazine to cover this wide topic.

    We’re new, we’ll probably make a bunch of mistakes. Got any ideas for us? Get in touch.

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